Sunday, November 24, 2013

long night=long day!

 Today Ike was such a pill.  After church- he tried to take off his shirt and it got stuck.  When we offered to help- he got NASTY and yelled at as to leave him alone. He seriously stumbled around the front room like this for ten minutes.  Yelling at us.  Trying desperately to get his shirt off his head.  We tried to intervene and he only got nastier.  We giggled a few times- and he broke into hysterical tears telling us to 'STOP laughing'.  He literally ran into the wall three times.  It was SO ANNOYING.

Why do kids do things like this?!  why are they so darn difficult sometimes?!  we've entered the fitful fours with him.  It's been pretty bad lately.  I'm hoping it's a short lived phase.  We've given him a new nickname.  'Ike-aramba'.  Zeb loves it.  He says it's like a riddle.  You- know- instead of 'ay caramba!"- it's 'Ike-aramba'.
and pay no attention to our sad looking tree!  we need to spread its branches,  add more lights, and put up the ornaments!

Metta was up for three hours last night and we never figured out why.  She's on the early teething track- and I think I can feel her second set of molars (they usually show up at 2 and a half) popping through.  Whatever the reason- we had a tired grumpy household today.  It was not my favorite day of this week :)  Church was lovely- but the rest of the day was LONG!!

I did get these really cute pictures of metta after we'd drugged her up :)

She's with one of her favorite babies.  the little orangutan.  She LOVES it.
She rocks him and pats him.
and sleeps with him.
I love happy children.  
look at this cute little hug.  and her crazy red hair!  This is the ONLY hairdo I attempt on her.  Doing hair is such a foreign concept to me! Luckily the piggies are adorable and make her look pretty darn cute! and they are very easy.  She sits and eats her banana every day while I do it.  

Here's hoping we have a better night tonight- and a better day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I love were she is holding her baby SO cute!!!! Also SO glad she is all better. :) As far as Ike, he could be trying to get more independence. Even though he looks pretty silly he would rather thrash around than to ask for help. He will grow out of it and into yet another of what seems like endless phase. ;) Pam

Kresta Wirght said...

I love those monkey pics!