Saturday, November 16, 2013


Holy smokes.  Every day I think I'm the busiest I could be- and then I get a day that's even BUSIER!  Kent is working a 30 hour shift- and I just walked in the door with the kiddos for the first time since we left this morning.  It's almost 9:30.  We left the house at 8:45 am.  eeeeeek.

We went and said our final goodbyes to our good friends.
We went to the gym and I put in a great run with my favorite running partner.
We went to Target for bananas and Christmas decor :)
We went to a baptism for our pal, Ray.
I took the munchkins to a friend's house and dropped them off.
I took a friend's family pictures.
Then I took another friend's family pictures.
I picked up the kiddos and went to Meijer.
We went to another friend's house for pizza and a movie.
I put the exhausted kids to bed!!!
and now- I write my obligatory blog post (which- today- happens to be a lot of run-on thoughts without any pictures)

Making that list just now reminded me of three very important things:
1. I am a (self inflicted) very busy person.
2. I am blessed with a lot of unbelievable friends.
3. I'm really going to miss Meijer when we move.

And speaking of Meijer- every night I lie in bed pouring over scenarios of what our next assignment will be like.  Trying to be excited that we may leave the comforts of Meijer and Target and the YMCA- to experience life in a foreign or far away place.  And then trying to remind myself we may not be headed to a crazy exciting foreign location at ALL- but that I WILL be happy anywhere. That instead we may be headed to F.E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne, Wyoming :)  That one is actually on our list (at the bottom) because it has a Target, YMCA, and is close enough to family that we could drop our kids off with them and head on our own foreign and exotic vacations :)

I don't know if I've made this clear- but I'm DYING that I don't know WHEN we find out where we are going.  If I could just get a date to work towards- I'd be less anxious!!!  Not knowing is hard enough.  But not knowing WHEN we'll know is what's doing me in!!

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Kee said...

And if you get F.E. Warren I will see you often on my way home to Torrington Wyoming - It's only 85 miles from there. I have to tell you I am currently living without a Target and a Y and life is pretty awesome. P.S. I ran 4.5 miles this morning with some very cool Mormon ladies . . . Miss you friend.