Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ridiculously sad pictures.

 Wednesday is definitely my 2nd favorite day of the week.    It's the half way point.  My favorite class at the gym is on wednesdays.  I don't have to teach or go to spin (it's a love-HATE relationship).  Kent and I watch 'The Middle' and 'Modern Family' together.

And today- to make it even better- we went to chic-fil-a for lunch with Ike's preschool pals.  I love chic fil a.  The fries.  the nuggets.  the diet lemonade.  and most of all- the polynesian sauce.  It takes me back to junior high when I used to go to the mall with friends on saturdays and get kids meals at chic-fil-a.

Ronan and Ike make the best crazy faces.

the only bad part of our wednesday was metta.  poor poor metta.  Yesterday she never napped- just cried a lot.  and when she cries- she rubs her face and eyes.  And since she had a cold- she wiped snot all over her face. and transferred her cold into her eyes.   And now look at her. so so pathetic.

doesn't it make your eyes water and itch just looking at these pictures?!?  luckily they are just red and swollen - not runny and goopy.  Doesn't she look so so sad?
Hopefully she wakes up tomorrow much better.  Because Thursdays are my LEAST favorite day of the week and we don't need anything making it worse.


Pat and Brent said...

Poor little Metta. With a combination of fair skin and red hair; her puffy eyes really do make her look sad. Bless her heart. Hope she's back to her vibrant happy self tomorrow. Thanks for all the blog posts. I love seeing what my cute grandkids are up to.

yaya said...

She looks like I feel today..poor thing(Metta, not me!)

Julie Sacks said...

I love that you are blogging more. It makes me get back into blogging more! I miss the days that I only checked blogs, dumb facebook has ruined blogging for a lot of people. What a evil little thing :) Metta does not even look like her self in these pics, poor girl!