Wednesday, November 13, 2013

goodbye, friend!

And so continues the story of my friend life.  Since the day we moved away from Utah,  I feel like I've been saying goodbye to great friends.  It's so hard.  and so terrible.  Why does everybody always have to move?!!?

And then I remind myself that somehow I'm always finding these amazing people.  Lots of amazing people.  Everywhere I go.  And if saying goodbye is a part of having them in my life- I'll gladly take the goodbyes.  That was really sappy- I know.  But I feel like we are getting close to moving and it makes me get all sentimental.

When I drove away from Toledo- I thought I'd never be happy again.  Okay- that was a little dramatic.  But I LOVED that place and I LOVED my friends there and I still miss them.   Now I have those same feelings about Dayton.  I know really amazing people.  I have way above average friends.
Kresta is moving on to bigger and better things (literally! her husband is a White House PA).  We'll miss her and her damn fish so so much.  My boys are heartbroken over her boys leaving.   Good luck, Wrights!!

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