Friday, November 29, 2013

today is a holiday, too.

Zeb woke up this morning and said: "Mom, it's black friday!!!".  He's my boy.  Today is as much a holiday as yesterday!  I love spending time together- eating leftovers, and enjoying the feeling that Christmas is just around the corner!  it's really exciting.  We went to Meijer for some shopping- and Zeb asked me: "Mom, all of those signs say that Meijer has low prices, but these toys are really expensive.  Why would they say that if it isn't even true??!"  He was pretty irritated.  

After shopping we sat and ate rolls and stuffing and pie and watched a few hours of the Harry Potter marathon on tv.  We love harry potter.  

And then tonight- we did one of my favorite traditions.

We've been going to post thanksgiving Holiday parades EVERY year since we've moved to Ohio! and I love it! Kent just commented tonight on how lucky we've been to have him at every parade.  This year we totally lucked out with his Thanksgiving schedule.  He's got a FOUR day weekend.  We've never had anything this nice- so it's pure heaven.  

Ike was such a picture snob at the parade.  He didn't want to be in a single one.   
I love bundling up and going somewhere.
 That clown behind me was creepily tall.

 Metta loved all of the horses. and waving to all of the people.  and dancing to the music.  Kids her age are so happy. and her snowsuit is awesome.  she looked like the stay puff marshmallow man.
Our amazing glasses this year were snowmen!   the kids love them.  glasses that turn all of the lights into shapes??!  pretty cool.  
 there's Ike again.  trying to escape the pictures.
Happy Black Friday!!!

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