Tuesday, November 26, 2013


First things first- metta slept ALL night last night.  It was lovely.

Metta and Ike are two peas in a pod.  We woke up to snow this morning and they both begged to go outside and check it out.  Barefooted looney toons.  Ike went to school today in shorts AND snowboots.  I really really should have gotten a picture.  He looked RIDiculous.
Metta has reached full blown diva status.  I've come to realize she's got 'only child syndrome'.  Zeb and Ike are older enough than her and are boys- so the gap creates an only child type situation.  She gets spoiled by us. The gym people love her and spoil her, too. 

And today it all became very evident.  Our pal Briony spent the day and Metta was pretty catty.
This is seriously her sticking her hand up in baby briony's face-  saying- "no. no. no."  Like a - 'don't you dare touch me or my stuff' look.  They battled it out over blankets, binkies, and babies. It was pretty funny since they are pretty even tempered and evenly strong.

until metta got all crazy.  And demanded ALL of the babies.  I had to remove them from her death grip and we experienced one of her first head banging, leg kicking, shrieking, nasty temper tantrums.  Dang kids  Sorry, Briony.

Zeb's last day of school for the week was today- and he brought home this worksheet.  "If I sailed on the Mayflower..."    It's pretty funny.  I told Zeb that we have ancestors who sailed on the Mayflower- and he acted shocked.  He told me he would NOT have enjoyed it.

I love this first grade writing stuff.  Can you tell what this circled word says?  such a crazy phonetic spelling :)  it's spelled like this: ulakcherisudee.  Here's the context- 'I wood be sad bekus there wood not be eny ulakcherisudee.'  any ideas?  I never figured it out.  He had to tell me.

it's 'electricity'.  So funny.

I am pretty thankful that we've got electricity to celebrate our Thanksgiving!  I'm so excited for the big day.  Cooking starts tomorrow.  Shopping starts shortly thereafter!!


Annie Oswald said...

That Zebbie is brilliant. I mean really brilliant. But what did you expect? Look at his parents.

Have a great Thanksgiving. Write to Daysa.

Nannie Annie

Kee said...

Are those tags I spy on Metta's dress? You crack me up, and I miss you tons. I agree Zeb is brilliant.

Kent and Leisy said...

kee- I was wondering if anybody would notice :)