Friday, November 22, 2013

that never gets old!

I picked up the movie "Elf" this morning at six am from Walmart :)  along with a few other Christmas surprises.  I also scored some pretty amazing Amazon lightning deals today.   I feel like I'm losing time with Thanksgiving so late in the month this year!!  Last year- thanksgiving was TODAY! the 22nd!  So- we are starting with all of the festivities and traditions a little early.

We are all sitting together watching ELF- and Zeb is CRACKING up.  All the maple syrup on spaghetti and loud belches are totally his humor.  At one point- Buddy the elf did something ridiculous- and Zeb laughed and said: "that never gets old!".  He's the coolest kid.  I'm so happy we can watch non cartoon movies as a family.  

I'll try to get some real pics of my kiddos tomorrow.  Or of Kent!!  because he's off!!  for the WHOLE ENTIRE WEEKEND!!  in the world of residency- that's called a 'golden weekend'!  we are going to LIVE IT UP!!   woohoo!!

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Julie Sacks said...

Amen to golden weekends!!! We get one too this weekend! Enjoy!