Saturday, November 9, 2013


It's getting late.  And I've got to post!!
Here's Kent right now- passed out on the couch.

  He only slept an hour last night.  And worked 30 straight hours.  Then took a short nap- and woke up to be with kiddos while I went and took more pictures.  and then did an evening out to dinner with friends (thanks for the fun, other Millers!).  The poor guy is pooped.

Since it is November- and it is the gratitude month- I'll publicly announce my gratitude for such a great person.  Even though I'm morally opposed to facebook gratitude posts. and I think it's unconstitutional (that's for my sisters) somehow.  I'm a social media gratitude grinch.  But- here goes anyway.

Kent works SO DARN HARD.  My friend and I were running this morning and discussing how hard it must be to 'support' a family.  Kent carries a pretty heavy burden when it comes to making me happy and taking care of us.  I don't mean only financially- or just emotionally- or 'just' any one thing.  Simply the burden of leading our family.  We do it as a team- but his part of the team (working all day, passing exams, being successful, coming home to me!, staying awake when I need him, etc, etc, etc) is a pretty tough job!  It may not be the same difficult as staying at home all day with toddler and baby terrorists- but I think that it equals in magnitude the frustrations that I sometimes feel as a stay-at-home mom.

So, if any of that jibber-jabber makes sense- Thank-you, Kent.  I'm grateful for you!  I love you.

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Michelle said...

Yep. He's a keeper.