Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ohio is confused. I love it.

What could be better than beautiful fall leaves AND snow?!  my two favorite things. happening simultaneously.  
Here's our chilly walk to school this morning!  and tomorrow morning it's supposed to be 23 degrees.  the only bummer deal about the cold temps today was that our power went out this morning and didn't turn back on until 2! and I have no idea why.  we seem to lose power often. 
 It got a little chilly- but we're used to frigid temps in the house.  It was less than two weeks ago that we turned on the heat for the first time this year!
I love walking to the bus stop with Zeb every day.   Every morning as we walk we say our morning prayers and he'll hold my hand and chat with me. Getting out of the house that early in the morning is always a little hectic and rushed- but our walk is usually pretty calm.

This morning I had to wear my shapka because it was so chilly.  That and no makeup kind of makes it look like I'm a man. :)

I'm ready for all out winter!  each time before Thanksgiving that it snows- I am going to put up a few Christmas decorations!  I'd love to be fully decorated before the 28th!

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Kresta Wirght said...

I love it too! and I get a kick of the grumpy ones that hate it.