Sunday, November 17, 2013

sunday- that one day.

The only bad thing about blogging daily is that I feel like every body else should be posting as often as I am!  Every time I get on my blog- and go to check the blogs of friends and family- I am so disappointed!  GET BLOGGING! :)

Today Kent finished his last PICU 30 hour shift of his whole residency!  Hallelujah!  And even more exciting for me is that he gets to come to church with me for the next FOUR STRAIGHT Sundays (I think)!  Sometimes Sundays aren't bad- but sometimes I just want help. Help getting the kids ready, help getting out the door, help sitting through Sacrament meeting with three busy bodies :)   
In actuality- my friend Jackie sits with me every Sunday and tackles the toughest job- Metta.  So- I am pretty spoiled.  Thanks, Jackie.  You are the best.
And honestly- even when they are hard- Sunday really is my favorite day of the week.  I am always on the run. Always making myself go-go-go.  So having a day where I can rest from my hectic schedule is just plain great.  Sunday- my Sabbath- is truly a day of rest.  It's the only day I don't work out, it's the only day I don't go to a store of some sort- it's the only day I don't feel the need to schedule and plan out every moment.  I love having a day dedicated to Heavenly Father and my family.  It's lovely, really.

I took this pic of metta at church today. It makes her look so old and grown up!  She's not either of those things.  She's still young and acts like a baby :)  But I love the picture, anyway.

Check her out last November!!   I guess maybe she is old and grown up.  Kids change so quickly.  Thank heavens!!!


yaya said...

I love Sunday too for the very same reasons...but then I hit a Sunday where it can get crazy. I had invited one set of Missionaries for dinner and ended up with 18 people for dinner! It was fun and loud and I was tired afterward...but I still love my "free" day! Metta is adorable!

Annie Oswald said...

That Miss Metta is so darn cute at teh piano. I would not have been at all surprised if you told me that she was already playing the piano. Your kids are so smart.

Love ya,

Nannie Annie