Monday, November 4, 2013

a day...

My days vary from anywhere from terribly long and boring to crazy hectic busy to perfectly planned and peaceful.  Today was a bit of a conglomerate of them all.

I really don't like to complain and moan- but I like to share and talk.  So today I'm documenting my day. No complaining or boasting- only sharing.   Just so I don't forget what a typical day in Dayton in like :) and because I have to blog every day this month and don't have much else to say.

We woke up early thanks to daylight savings- and I was shocked at how much I got done BEFORE school. Up at 6:30 and I had my scripture study done, Zeb's lunch packed, the dishwasher unloaded, and all three kids clothed and fed before we left for the bus stop at 7:30.

After our bundled morning walk to the bus stop with everybody- we returned to finish Ike's preschool homework we'd forgotten over the weekend, get some more chores done, and rush to Kroger to get the snacks for preschool we'd also forgotten about!

We dropped Ike at preschool and drove to the Y(mca) for bootcamp. I taught a Tabata routine for bootcamp this morning- it's a great workout.  Then I ran outside with my pal Kristi for about thirty minutes.  Running is my thing.  It's a time to think and spew and talk and just feel better.  It's my therapy.

Back to preschool to get Ike- and then off to the library and grocery shopping at ALDI.  I love that place.  so inexpensive.  And their grapes are so good I can't even explain it.  Perfectly plump and crisp and sweet.

Home for lunch- and naps.  Metta is still great to nap 2-3 hours!  and Ike loves his quiet time without any siblings.   I love it, too.

At 2:20- we picked up Zeb from the bus stop.  This kid needs a little time  to decompress after school. He loves it, but comes home exhausted!  I let him sit on the couch and watch some tv and just relax.

After some relaxing - we did his homework.  They've got a timed math test once a week and the class goal is to complete 18 questions in 1 minute.  Nobody in the class has gotten it yet (week 2) but I convinced Zeb it's going to be him.  We went a little crazy today.  and he got a little stressed.  I quizzed him and we did at least 10-15 practice tests.  He was pretty pooped- but we DID IT.  He got 20 questions in one minute!  Now he's just got to repeat that at school :)  I'm so competitive!  but he was so excited when he did it.  He can't wait to tell his teacher!

Ike practiced his writing while I worked on math with Zeb.  And then we all did a bunch of reading together.  I'm not sure I could EVER homeschool.  I love teaching and I love my kids- but teaching my kids is SO TOUGH.  It requires so much patience.  I'm not cut out for it.

This evening we had dinner and then did Family Home Evening.  We went outside to gather sticks to make a thankful tree.  Our kiddos are really great kiddos.  They get along so well.

Metta is RIDICULOUS right now.  So full of spunk and personality. She makes the best faces.  and says the funniest words.  She's starting to talk like a banshee! I was pretty worried about her speech for awhile there- but she's spewing words now!
People stop me in stores all of the time and comment on her hair.  I love it. so much.
The bushes on the side of our house have turned the most beautiful shade of red! and are perfect to climb around in.
 Here's Metta leading the pack of stick kids.  We found a great stick for our thankful tree!
I'm pretty sure Ike will be my most difficult child forever.  He questions every
SINGLE thing I ask him.  And tries to negotiate with every minute of play and every crumb of food he has to eat and every privilege he wants.  It's SO AGGRAVATING!!!
Here's our little thankful tree.  Hopefully we'll add to it every day this month!

Kent is on PICU this month and it's one of the craziest rotations he has.  So he doesn't come home today. Friday/Saturday he worked a 32 hour shift and was up ALL night- then worked 12 hours on Sunday and is now back at work for another 30 hour shift today (monday) through tomorrow (tuesday). Yikes.  It's long and exhausting for us both.  But it's life- and life is good.

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Laney said...

metta looks surprisingly cute in that pink coat! You'd think it would clash with that red hair, but she looks like a giant red & pink valentine.