Thursday, November 7, 2013


Before I got married I had a mental checklist of everything I wanted in a husband.  One of the items at the top of that list was: 'smarter than me'.  Kent definitely fits the bill.  He's a smarty pants.  And one thing he's ALWAYS had a knack for is languages. He learned Russian when we started dating- and is pretty darn amazing at it.  So now he's learning Japanese.  For real.  He decided to check out books from the library- download apps- and get to work.  It's his act of faith.  We would really love to go to Japan :)
 It is so nerve wracking to know that we may have to wait MONTHS to find out our future.  I just want to call the assignment guy and ask him to drop me some hints.  We hit it off when we talked earlier- so I think he might give me some secret information.

Kent just got an e-mail about a DESPERATE need for pediatricians at Langley.  We do NOT want to go there! it's not even on our rank list at all- but the air force can get a little crazy some times and just send you where they want!  eek.    I'm going to be a little on edge for several months!!

Other than WAITING! - life is normal.  busy busy busy.  and fun.

Ike took part in the St. Jude's 'trike-a-thon' and rode 60 laps on his trike.  Any body want to sponsor some of his laps?!?!    He was riding so fast- the picture is blurry.
 Metta is HYSTERICAL.  Everybody knows her and everybody loves her.  When we walked into the kid zone at the gym today- a little girl yelled: "Oh no! Metta is here! everybody grab your crayons!!".  She steals them. and throws them. and colors on the walls.  Chews on them, too.

When I picked her up from the gym- Jeri- (one of our very favorite workers) informed us that she'd shoved a cheerio WAY up her nose.  Trevor- our other favorite worker- had to fish it out.  And then Metta snatched it out of his hand and ATE it.
 And my Zebby.  He took his timed math test and score 16/20!  Almost to the class goal of 18.  He's got the top score in his class right now!  I know we can get it next week.  Oh- and here's my little zebby this past weekend. He had the vomits.   Doesn't he look miserable?  it was so sad to watch him wretch and heave!
All three of my rugrats have vomited in the past two weeks.  And I've been lucky enough to clean up ALL three of their toilet misses.  Nothing like scooping up vomit chunks.  Thankfully I was spared the bug.  I hate vomiting.


The Trappett collective said...

One day I picked up my girls from the Y and Tailey informed me that she could not color that day because Metta was there and so they couldn't get the crayons out. said...

LOVE the stories about Metta. Haha and the one the first commenter shared!

Annie Oswald said...

I'll sponsor Ike! How much does he need (within limits of course)?
And now I know what to get Miss Metta for Christmas---crayons, lots and lots of crayons. :)

Michelle said...

Awesome job, Zeb!!

Julie Sacks said...

We must of caught the bug from you! We had the same bug, and trust me, it was extremely unpleasant for me when I am always sick anyway to have to clean it up. I hope it did not last long. And waiting for that long to find out my future would KILL me. You'll do great though, you live for anticipation, right?!