Saturday, November 30, 2013

30 of 30!!

I did it. 30 straight days of blogging.
Day 30 should be something BIG and EXCITING.  
too bad I don't have anything like that :)

I am grateful. oh so grateful. 

in no particular order-

leftovers.  I remade several dinner items today just so I could have 'leftovers' for a few more days!  Kent says today's rolls are the best yet.   Thanks to grandma oswald for the world's BEST roll recipe. I think of my fabulous grandma each and every time that I make them.

 they have a secret ingredient.  it's mashed potatoes.  they are so good.
Kent.  for example: Thanksgiving morning.  we had SO much to do.  and I went running. I know he would have loved to go work out. or go to the turkey bowl. or sleep in.  but instead- he cooked the turkey- and the green bean salad- and let me go run.  He's one of the most selfless people I know.  That's why I picked him. :)

my kiddos.  they've been driving me crazy lately.  really crazy.  maybe I need a break.
but I do love them.  and they are some of my greatest life accomplishments thus far :)

my family. all of them.  world's BEST cousins. in-laws. parents. etc.  and sisters.  I have three wonderful sisters. who make me laugh and laugh and laugh.  this is my baby sister, daysa.  And I can get away posting this terrible picture of her because she's in Brazil.  For 18 months. and she won't ever see it.  

my friends.  because I'm an extrovert- the people I surround myself with are such an important part of my life.   and they are all great.  lots and lots of wonderful people.

and last- but certainly not least- 
the gospel of Jesus Christ.   it means everything to me.  It makes me who I am.  It shines the light of hope that creates my happiness.  

I want to share it with everyone.  so if you happen to ever wonder what I believe or want to know more - please ask (I'll talk your ear off if you want).  or check it out here.  I know all those 'Mormons' can seem a little peculiar- but it's worth your time.  I know life's purpose.  I know my Heavenly Father. and I'm so glad I can teach my children these things.  It will make your life better. I promise :)  

Friday, November 29, 2013

today is a holiday, too.

Zeb woke up this morning and said: "Mom, it's black friday!!!".  He's my boy.  Today is as much a holiday as yesterday!  I love spending time together- eating leftovers, and enjoying the feeling that Christmas is just around the corner!  it's really exciting.  We went to Meijer for some shopping- and Zeb asked me: "Mom, all of those signs say that Meijer has low prices, but these toys are really expensive.  Why would they say that if it isn't even true??!"  He was pretty irritated.  

After shopping we sat and ate rolls and stuffing and pie and watched a few hours of the Harry Potter marathon on tv.  We love harry potter.  

And then tonight- we did one of my favorite traditions.

We've been going to post thanksgiving Holiday parades EVERY year since we've moved to Ohio! and I love it! Kent just commented tonight on how lucky we've been to have him at every parade.  This year we totally lucked out with his Thanksgiving schedule.  He's got a FOUR day weekend.  We've never had anything this nice- so it's pure heaven.  

Ike was such a picture snob at the parade.  He didn't want to be in a single one.   
I love bundling up and going somewhere.
 That clown behind me was creepily tall.

 Metta loved all of the horses. and waving to all of the people.  and dancing to the music.  Kids her age are so happy. and her snowsuit is awesome.  she looked like the stay puff marshmallow man.
Our amazing glasses this year were snowmen!   the kids love them.  glasses that turn all of the lights into shapes??!  pretty cool.  
 there's Ike again.  trying to escape the pictures.
Happy Black Friday!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I'm too stuffed to post...

I feel like a stuffed turkey. Literally.  I don't think I've felt this full in FOREVER.  I ran six miles this morning- and did some shopping miles this evening- but I still feel stuffed.

I've got some holiday pics to post- but I'm way too tired to put them all together now!

So- enjoy one funny 'selfie' and a black friday pic for now.

 I ran early this morning with my friend and meant to get a picture with her- but instead I took a picture of the dead deer we ran past (it had frozen blood spewing out of its mouth and kent says it's inappropriate to post) and a pic of me in the car after our run.  It was 23 degrees. felt like 14 with the wind chill.  I never understood wind chill until I moved here.  It was COLD.  the coldest thanksgiving in over a decade.   My face was trying to smile here.  but I couldn't get my cheeks to go all the way.  really.  I think this is what it feels like to have botox.

And me with my fake sister. the other miller.  ashley.  I love her.  We did black friday at target together last year, too!  I love it.  Judge me all you want. I shopped on Thanksgiving.  I didn't go out until 8.  and it was FUN!  and I'm going out more TOMORROW!  and probably checking amazon every few hours tonight! Somebody asked me what I wanted at target- and I told them I wasn't even sure!  I just love to experience it!   and I got some cheap undies.

I'll post my cliche- but very sincere- gratitude post tomorrow.  For now- my bed awaits!  I got up far too early to start the rolls this morning!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

the prep.

I'm getting up WAY too early tomorrow to make the rolls, finish the jello pretzel dessert, prepare cheese balls and veggie trays and then try and go for a RUN!  it's supposed to be the COLDEST Thanksgiving in over a decade!  but- what is Thanksgiving without a self made turkey trot??!  I've got to burn those calories so I can eat them a few hours later!

We've got a few new recipes we're trying this year. I've got a banana cream pie.  Kent made his own brine (he took over turkey brining and prepping after last year's brining disaster. I bathed the entire kitchen in several gallons of raw meat ridden brine juice).  He's also doing the cranberry sauce from scratch.  I prefer the canned stuff- with ridge lines still.  So I'm bringing the ocean spray along.

I'll take lots of pictures of the big day tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


First things first- metta slept ALL night last night.  It was lovely.

Metta and Ike are two peas in a pod.  We woke up to snow this morning and they both begged to go outside and check it out.  Barefooted looney toons.  Ike went to school today in shorts AND snowboots.  I really really should have gotten a picture.  He looked RIDiculous.
Metta has reached full blown diva status.  I've come to realize she's got 'only child syndrome'.  Zeb and Ike are older enough than her and are boys- so the gap creates an only child type situation.  She gets spoiled by us. The gym people love her and spoil her, too. 

And today it all became very evident.  Our pal Briony spent the day and Metta was pretty catty.
This is seriously her sticking her hand up in baby briony's face-  saying- "no. no. no."  Like a - 'don't you dare touch me or my stuff' look.  They battled it out over blankets, binkies, and babies. It was pretty funny since they are pretty even tempered and evenly strong.

until metta got all crazy.  And demanded ALL of the babies.  I had to remove them from her death grip and we experienced one of her first head banging, leg kicking, shrieking, nasty temper tantrums.  Dang kids  Sorry, Briony.

Zeb's last day of school for the week was today- and he brought home this worksheet.  "If I sailed on the Mayflower..."    It's pretty funny.  I told Zeb that we have ancestors who sailed on the Mayflower- and he acted shocked.  He told me he would NOT have enjoyed it.

I love this first grade writing stuff.  Can you tell what this circled word says?  such a crazy phonetic spelling :)  it's spelled like this: ulakcherisudee.  Here's the context- 'I wood be sad bekus there wood not be eny ulakcherisudee.'  any ideas?  I never figured it out.  He had to tell me.

it's 'electricity'.  So funny.

I am pretty thankful that we've got electricity to celebrate our Thanksgiving!  I'm so excited for the big day.  Cooking starts tomorrow.  Shopping starts shortly thereafter!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

tough beans...

At what age do kids stop sleeping like this!??  Metta has been waking up several times a night for a week or so and we have NO idea why.  Usually after 5 or 6 times of getting up to try and soothe her- I'll just take her downstairs- put on a cartoon- and go back to bed.  And then at some point- she'll come upstairs and sneak into bed with us.  such a little turkey.  this morning I found her like this- snoring!  pretty cute, huh??  Until you find out she's had on these pjs for 36 hours now.  She wore them to the gym.  and then all day.  and back to bed again.  She shows everybody her 'scary skeletons!!!'.  I'm going to have to take them off while she's still sleeping so she forgets about them!
Parenting is tough beans.  It's all about picking my battles.
Let her wear the pjs- or fight her over it.  Let her cry it out and drive the rest of us crazy this week until normal sleep habits return- or just put her in front of a cartoon and then let her in our bed when she wants.
And obviously- sometimes I choose the easy answer. Because I'm too tired from the other battles to put up a fight at two AM or while I'm rushing out the door to get to work!!
The longer I'm a parent and the more I reflect on the successes of my parents- the more I realize that several types of parenting are successful.   And when it comes down to it- the most important thing I can do is teach my children correct principles.  Teach them to love God.  Choose the right.  and be Christlike.  I don't have to lose sleep over perfect diets or homeschooling or what extracurricular activities they are involved in!  I just need to teach them to be good.  and that's such a relief.  Because I am so sick of trying to get my kids to eat their broccoli!  :)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

long night=long day!

 Today Ike was such a pill.  After church- he tried to take off his shirt and it got stuck.  When we offered to help- he got NASTY and yelled at as to leave him alone. He seriously stumbled around the front room like this for ten minutes.  Yelling at us.  Trying desperately to get his shirt off his head.  We tried to intervene and he only got nastier.  We giggled a few times- and he broke into hysterical tears telling us to 'STOP laughing'.  He literally ran into the wall three times.  It was SO ANNOYING.

Why do kids do things like this?!  why are they so darn difficult sometimes?!  we've entered the fitful fours with him.  It's been pretty bad lately.  I'm hoping it's a short lived phase.  We've given him a new nickname.  'Ike-aramba'.  Zeb loves it.  He says it's like a riddle.  You- know- instead of 'ay caramba!"- it's 'Ike-aramba'.
and pay no attention to our sad looking tree!  we need to spread its branches,  add more lights, and put up the ornaments!

Metta was up for three hours last night and we never figured out why.  She's on the early teething track- and I think I can feel her second set of molars (they usually show up at 2 and a half) popping through.  Whatever the reason- we had a tired grumpy household today.  It was not my favorite day of this week :)  Church was lovely- but the rest of the day was LONG!!

I did get these really cute pictures of metta after we'd drugged her up :)

She's with one of her favorite babies.  the little orangutan.  She LOVES it.
She rocks him and pats him.
and sleeps with him.
I love happy children.  
look at this cute little hug.  and her crazy red hair!  This is the ONLY hairdo I attempt on her.  Doing hair is such a foreign concept to me! Luckily the piggies are adorable and make her look pretty darn cute! and they are very easy.  She sits and eats her banana every day while I do it.  

Here's hoping we have a better night tonight- and a better day tomorrow!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

my favorite kind of day....

We definitely had a wonderful and busy day.  and while my pics are boring- at least I got some!

I was trying to figure out some indoor lighting and made my kids sit as subjects.  
Zeb was pretty willing and just sat happily.  
He's very well tempered. usually.  But when he gets upset about something- it's pretty emotional.  Ike frustrates him regularly (he frustrates me regularly, too).  Two days ago Zeb walked up to me with hands balled in tight fists- and a shaking little body- and said: "I'm so mad I want to hit somebody (Ike, I'm sure)".  I thanked him for letting me know- and told him to go lie down for a little to cool off.  I'm pretty proud of him for recognizing his anger and dealing with it appropriately. He was my most explosive toddler- so we've come a long way.
Ike looks like a crazy gremlin (possibly because he is). I'm not sure where his teeth went or what's going on with his lips :)  but those little elf ears are definitely from me!  I looked like Yoda for the first several years of my life!
Ike has the SCARIEST little monster voice.  If you see him- ask to hear it.  It's really impressive. and creepy.

Today we spent a lot of time prepping for the Thanksgiving!  I am soooo excited.  We just found out that Kent gets the day OFF!  woohoo. the WHOLE day!  Our first year as residents- he worked a long full Thanksgiving Day and it was about the hardest day of this long 7 year medical journey we've been on.  I'm not sure why it was harder than the Christmases he's worked, or the days I've spent stranded in airports with all three kids and no Kent, or the time after metta was born and he went straight back to work from my hospital bed side, or any # of the other tough holidays and experiences we've had- but it was.  I was sad and especially grumpy.  So now -Thanksgiving with him home seems that much sweeter. 

I've put him in charge of the turkey.  It's not my favorite thing to cook.  I can't ever get it to be great.  Maybe it's just that Turkey isn't that great to begin with- but if anybody can make it taste great- it's Kent. Our in house chef.

Here are just the ingredients for the brine!!  
the  turkey is sitting outside right now staying frozen.  Because it's FREEZING here.  Like crazy cold.   Colder than Russian or Alaska by ten degrees+.  I checked.
I'm in charge of the rolls. the pretzel/cream cheese jello salad/ and green been casserole.   and maybe a pie or two if I get time!

And this evening we went OUT.  It was to a church meeting ( I love my church- check out my profile- it's pretty cool!) but nevertheless- we went out and didn't take the kids!  and then we went to Steak n Shake- an Ohio gem.  It sounds pretty bad- and actually looks kind of nasty.  We never even tried their food the entire four years we lived in Toledo!  But their shakes are TO DIE FOR.  and Kent says their steak burgers are insane tasty- and fabulously priced.   so go- you won't be disappointed.

We went with friends - and laughed and laughed and laughed.  about really non appropriate dinner conversation.  Too many people in the medical field.  Mom- you would have been so offended by the talk of scat.  

Friday, November 22, 2013

that never gets old!

I picked up the movie "Elf" this morning at six am from Walmart :)  along with a few other Christmas surprises.  I also scored some pretty amazing Amazon lightning deals today.   I feel like I'm losing time with Thanksgiving so late in the month this year!!  Last year- thanksgiving was TODAY! the 22nd!  So- we are starting with all of the festivities and traditions a little early.

We are all sitting together watching ELF- and Zeb is CRACKING up.  All the maple syrup on spaghetti and loud belches are totally his humor.  At one point- Buddy the elf did something ridiculous- and Zeb laughed and said: "that never gets old!".  He's the coolest kid.  I'm so happy we can watch non cartoon movies as a family.  

I'll try to get some real pics of my kiddos tomorrow.  Or of Kent!!  because he's off!!  for the WHOLE ENTIRE WEEKEND!!  in the world of residency- that's called a 'golden weekend'!  we are going to LIVE IT UP!!   woohoo!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

black friday is TOMORROW?!!?

One of my favorite things about the Holidays at this time of the year (oct-dec) is that everybody gets so into it!  I love all of the store decorations.  I love the music. I love the smiles. I love all of the food!!  I love smells of cinnamon and gingerbread. I get so excited about the Christmas parties (I think we have at least four in our schedule already!!) and I LOVE the shopping!! the Amazon lightning deals (I check them CONSTANTLY), black friday specials!! (I've scoured every ad), and the barrage of exciting products at every store and on every commercial!!  

I know. I know.  How dare I commercialize Christmas!!!  How could I focus so much on the 'untrue' meaning of the holidays?!?!  

For me- the holidays mean excitement and surprises and love and friends and family and fun.  And Christmas is obviously a spiritual holiday- with a very special feeling that accompanies it.

With that being said- every aforementioned aspect of the Holidays make it that much better for me !! I don't have to spend lots of money and buy every toy my children beg for.  But we can still enjoy window shopping!   We can spread the Christmas spirit at parties and by sharing delicious food!   we can even feel the Christmas spirit by doing silly traditions like 'Elf of the Shelf' and our candy advent calendars.

I just love waking up every morning- seeing the lights on the Christmas tree- and being excited! and it certainly doesn't hurt that the UPS man stops at the house far more frequently than usual :)

I got to thinking about all of this Christmas Spirit and Holiday cheer stuff because I just found out that black friday is starting TOMORROW!!! Wal-mart (yes- I know wal-mart is evil) is offering several of Toys-r-us', Best Buys- and Target's black friday sales in store TOMORROW!  I'll be there.  with my monkeys at 8 am when it begins.  JUST FOR FUN!  okay- there is ONE thing I'd really like to get.  But I'm already SO excited!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ridiculously sad pictures.

 Wednesday is definitely my 2nd favorite day of the week.    It's the half way point.  My favorite class at the gym is on wednesdays.  I don't have to teach or go to spin (it's a love-HATE relationship).  Kent and I watch 'The Middle' and 'Modern Family' together.

And today- to make it even better- we went to chic-fil-a for lunch with Ike's preschool pals.  I love chic fil a.  The fries.  the nuggets.  the diet lemonade.  and most of all- the polynesian sauce.  It takes me back to junior high when I used to go to the mall with friends on saturdays and get kids meals at chic-fil-a.

Ronan and Ike make the best crazy faces.

the only bad part of our wednesday was metta.  poor poor metta.  Yesterday she never napped- just cried a lot.  and when she cries- she rubs her face and eyes.  And since she had a cold- she wiped snot all over her face. and transferred her cold into her eyes.   And now look at her. so so pathetic.

doesn't it make your eyes water and itch just looking at these pictures?!?  luckily they are just red and swollen - not runny and goopy.  Doesn't she look so so sad?
Hopefully she wakes up tomorrow much better.  Because Thursdays are my LEAST favorite day of the week and we don't need anything making it worse.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

pretty dull day.

pretty long and typical day.

Metta was such a ninny.  no naps.  lots of whining.  mass destruction at every step.   and she wore this hideous nightgown ALL day.  I tried to get her to take it off- but she'd scream "no! no! no!" and hide under the table or run upstairs.  I took a change of clothes with us to the gym.  Her favorite people there couldn't convince her to take it off either.  

Here she is with her pal, Jack.
Ike had a field trip at the art institute today.  He really loved it.  I couldn't go because I had to teach spin- but I stole a pic from a friend.   He's sitting next to Ava.  He's pretty attached to her.  He and the other boys are always getting in fights about who gets to sit or stand by her.  And he can get grumpy and stubborn enough to beat out the other boys for the spot.  

Monday, November 18, 2013

I asked Siri.

The use of electronic devices in our house borders on excessive.  But I like to think we use them to enhance and better our lives- not waste them :)

For example- yesterday there was a lot of pretty significant bad weather.  Tornado watches, severe thunderstorm warnings, etc.  I was fretting over a possible tornado when Zeb asked for my phone and left the room.  He returned shortly and informed me we were safe. 

"How do you know?"- I asked him. "I asked Siri." he replied matter of factly.  "She said there's no tornado".
I can not argue with Siri.

Then tonight we used them for family home evening (our monday night tradition) and later again for family scripture reading.  Both beneficial applications of the devices.

This evening after I put the kiddos to bed- I sat with Zeb while he read to me an ENTIRE 'kids book of riddles' on the kindle.  It's so wonderful having a child who can read.  who can talk to me. who can be my friend.   I love this kid. and he loves his kindle.  We've got several Junie b. jones books from the library on it even.

As he read through the jokes- he laughed and laughed and laughed.  And then he'd explain every joke to me to make sure I understood just what made them so funny. 

"how does a farmer keep track of his cows?"
"with a COWculator!"
Get it, mom? A farmer has cows- and a calculator counts!- a COWculator!!

"What time do you go to the dentist?"
"At tooth-hurty!"
Tooth-hurty sounds just like 2:30! and you go to the dentist when your tooth hurts!  isn't that funny, mom??!

Metta got in on the electronic device action this evening, too.  She lounged in her chair and played her very favorite game on the Iphone- "dumb ways to die'. She LOVES it.  It's accompanied by the catchiest theme song ever.  Click on the link if you want a song stuck in your head all day.  And the get the (free) game app .  It's well worth your time.

  Here's a copy of the lyrics if you want a good laugh.  They're even better than Zeb's riddles!
Set fire to your hair
Poke a stick at a grizzly bear
Eat medicine that’s out of date
Use your private parts as piranha bait

Dumb ways to die
So many dumb ways to die
Dumb ways to die
So many dumb ways to die

Get your toast out with a fork
Do your own electrical work
Teach yourself how to fly
Eat a two week old unrefrigerated pie

Invite a psycho-killer inside
Scratch your drug dealer’s brand new ride
Take your helmet off in outer space
Use your clothes dryer as a hiding place

Keep a rattlesnake as pet
Sell both the kidneys on the internet
Eat a tube of super-glue
“I wonder what’s this red button do?”

Dress up like a moose during hunting season
Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason
Stand on the edge of a train station platform
Drive around the boom gates at a level crossing
Run across the tracks between the platforms
They may not rhyme but they’re quite possibly

Dumbest ways to die
Dumbest ways to die
Dumbest ways to die
So many dumb
So many dumb ways to die

Sunday, November 17, 2013

sunday- that one day.

The only bad thing about blogging daily is that I feel like every body else should be posting as often as I am!  Every time I get on my blog- and go to check the blogs of friends and family- I am so disappointed!  GET BLOGGING! :)

Today Kent finished his last PICU 30 hour shift of his whole residency!  Hallelujah!  And even more exciting for me is that he gets to come to church with me for the next FOUR STRAIGHT Sundays (I think)!  Sometimes Sundays aren't bad- but sometimes I just want help. Help getting the kids ready, help getting out the door, help sitting through Sacrament meeting with three busy bodies :)   
In actuality- my friend Jackie sits with me every Sunday and tackles the toughest job- Metta.  So- I am pretty spoiled.  Thanks, Jackie.  You are the best.
And honestly- even when they are hard- Sunday really is my favorite day of the week.  I am always on the run. Always making myself go-go-go.  So having a day where I can rest from my hectic schedule is just plain great.  Sunday- my Sabbath- is truly a day of rest.  It's the only day I don't work out, it's the only day I don't go to a store of some sort- it's the only day I don't feel the need to schedule and plan out every moment.  I love having a day dedicated to Heavenly Father and my family.  It's lovely, really.

I took this pic of metta at church today. It makes her look so old and grown up!  She's not either of those things.  She's still young and acts like a baby :)  But I love the picture, anyway.

Check her out last November!!   I guess maybe she is old and grown up.  Kids change so quickly.  Thank heavens!!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Holy smokes.  Every day I think I'm the busiest I could be- and then I get a day that's even BUSIER!  Kent is working a 30 hour shift- and I just walked in the door with the kiddos for the first time since we left this morning.  It's almost 9:30.  We left the house at 8:45 am.  eeeeeek.

We went and said our final goodbyes to our good friends.
We went to the gym and I put in a great run with my favorite running partner.
We went to Target for bananas and Christmas decor :)
We went to a baptism for our pal, Ray.
I took the munchkins to a friend's house and dropped them off.
I took a friend's family pictures.
Then I took another friend's family pictures.
I picked up the kiddos and went to Meijer.
We went to another friend's house for pizza and a movie.
I put the exhausted kids to bed!!!
and now- I write my obligatory blog post (which- today- happens to be a lot of run-on thoughts without any pictures)

Making that list just now reminded me of three very important things:
1. I am a (self inflicted) very busy person.
2. I am blessed with a lot of unbelievable friends.
3. I'm really going to miss Meijer when we move.

And speaking of Meijer- every night I lie in bed pouring over scenarios of what our next assignment will be like.  Trying to be excited that we may leave the comforts of Meijer and Target and the YMCA- to experience life in a foreign or far away place.  And then trying to remind myself we may not be headed to a crazy exciting foreign location at ALL- but that I WILL be happy anywhere. That instead we may be headed to F.E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne, Wyoming :)  That one is actually on our list (at the bottom) because it has a Target, YMCA, and is close enough to family that we could drop our kids off with them and head on our own foreign and exotic vacations :)

I don't know if I've made this clear- but I'm DYING that I don't know WHEN we find out where we are going.  If I could just get a date to work towards- I'd be less anxious!!!  Not knowing is hard enough.  But not knowing WHEN we'll know is what's doing me in!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

the chair

I've got to remember to get a blog post up BEFORE 10:00 pm.  I'm exhausted!

I'm fresh out of ideas for original blog posts. and I have only taken phone pics of my kids the past week!  so this will have to do.

Metta is trying to potty train herself.  Because I am CERTAINLY not interested in doing it yet.  She's so excited about the 'potty' and not being 'stinky'.  Those are two of her favorite words. She informs us when she needs to go to the bathroom- and runs to the toilet.  She has pooed in it once already!  I guess she's making up for her speech delay by being so advanced in bowel movements. 

really, though.  I'm not ready to live the potty training game full time for awhile.  I know it's supposed to be 'so easy' to train young kids.  It's me, not her.  I'm not willing.  We are out and about FAR too often for this to be happily successful for both of us. So- I'll let her sit and use the toilet all she wants- but she'll be wearing diapers for quite some time still!

I don't even know how to potty train a girl!!  our boys were both trained a couple of months before their third birthdays.  Zeb was a breeze, Ike was harder.  I know all kiddos are different- but when do girls usually start potty training?  any magic age- or is it the typical-'when they're ready'.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

report cards...

We got report cards/progress reports for both our little boys this week.

Ike's started out with: "Ike is a happy and stubborn little boy."  Of course.  It followed with: "He has well mastered fine and gross motor skills. He can cut with scissors, write out his letters, kick a ball, run, skip, gallop, etc. when he WANTS to."  With the included capitalization :)  It ended with: "We love Ike's mischievous grin and scary monster voice".

This kid really is so stubborn.  If you ask him to do something- he'll say no simply because you asked him.  He loves to be goofy and the class clown- as long as you are laughing with him and not at him. 

He isn't a bad child at all- but LOVES to say no ALL of the time.  It drives me BONKERS.  It's like negotiating with a terrorist.

Zeb had parent teacher conferences this week and passed with flying colors.  He has surpassed all first grade goals but one- math.  And that's just because it's stuff like fractions and whatnot that he's never even seen before.

His teacher wants him to work at home with creative writing.  His handwriting is great, his spelling is above average, and his reading comprehension is wonderful.  Now she wants him to work on adding details to stories.  Taking his writing to the next level.   I'm excited that we got to talk to his teacher and get some things to do at home!  She's a wonderful teacher.  His school is AMAZING and I am so sad we are leaving.

Mrs. Patel told us that Zeb is a fountain of information and is a wonderful student.  He loves to help her out and always gets excited to share things with the class.  He also LOVES the state map rug and state map puzzle. We talk about the United States and the whole world a lot at home so I'm happy to know he's retaining that info :)  I'm also just glad he's nice to the other kids and is respectful to the teacher!

I could not have asked for a more responsible and upstanding first child.

And miss metta.  I get a progress report on Metta every day when I pick her up at the gym. Seriously- they tell me the FUNNIEST stuff about her.

Remember how I posted about her maternal instinct??  This week at the gym she's been wearing all of her babies under her shirt and pretending to be pregnant.  FOR REAL. We don't even have any friends who are prego.  I have NO idea where she gets this stuff.  Next thing you know- she's going to start trying to nurse her toys.

Did I ever blog about her being in speech therapy?!  long story short- I self referred her to the 'help me grow' program because at 18 months old she ONLY said 'mom' and 'binky'.  She qualified for free bimonthly in home therapy.   The ladies who come do her therapy LOVE her.  And of course she's a chatterbox now.  We are still working on 2-3 word sentences- but her speech is growing exponentially by the day.

Lately she is obsessed with Zeb's school gear.  She'll scream 'backpack! backpack! backpack!' until I put it on her.  She walked around the house like this for 45 minutes today.
Kids are such hard work.  But I suppose it's the most important work I can be doing here on Earth. I remind myself often about this quote- taken from a talk at LDS general conference about Children-

“Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling. You do not collect children because you find them cuter than stamps. It is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in. It is what God gave you time for.”

Raising my monkeys is God's work  And I don't always love it- but I know it's why I am here.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

goodbye, friend!

And so continues the story of my friend life.  Since the day we moved away from Utah,  I feel like I've been saying goodbye to great friends.  It's so hard.  and so terrible.  Why does everybody always have to move?!!?

And then I remind myself that somehow I'm always finding these amazing people.  Lots of amazing people.  Everywhere I go.  And if saying goodbye is a part of having them in my life- I'll gladly take the goodbyes.  That was really sappy- I know.  But I feel like we are getting close to moving and it makes me get all sentimental.

When I drove away from Toledo- I thought I'd never be happy again.  Okay- that was a little dramatic.  But I LOVED that place and I LOVED my friends there and I still miss them.   Now I have those same feelings about Dayton.  I know really amazing people.  I have way above average friends.
Kresta is moving on to bigger and better things (literally! her husband is a White House PA).  We'll miss her and her damn fish so so much.  My boys are heartbroken over her boys leaving.   Good luck, Wrights!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ohio is confused. I love it.

What could be better than beautiful fall leaves AND snow?!  my two favorite things. happening simultaneously.  
Here's our chilly walk to school this morning!  and tomorrow morning it's supposed to be 23 degrees.  the only bummer deal about the cold temps today was that our power went out this morning and didn't turn back on until 2! and I have no idea why.  we seem to lose power often. 
 It got a little chilly- but we're used to frigid temps in the house.  It was less than two weeks ago that we turned on the heat for the first time this year!
I love walking to the bus stop with Zeb every day.   Every morning as we walk we say our morning prayers and he'll hold my hand and chat with me. Getting out of the house that early in the morning is always a little hectic and rushed- but our walk is usually pretty calm.

This morning I had to wear my shapka because it was so chilly.  That and no makeup kind of makes it look like I'm a man. :)

I'm ready for all out winter!  each time before Thanksgiving that it snows- I am going to put up a few Christmas decorations!  I'd love to be fully decorated before the 28th!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

  We've had our entire family's meal paid for because of the uniform. Kent gets thanked for his service whenever he's wearing it.  In church yesterday our Bishop asked all Military- and their families- to stand and be recognized for sacrifice and service.  

Being a part of the U.S. Air Force is a pretty big deal.  We are a part of something much bigger than just ourselves.  And even though we feel like we haven't sacrificed much of anything in our short time as an active duty Air Force family, we understand what the uniform means to other people.  And I am so grateful for those that have made those sacrifices.  I am also grateful that Kent is willing to be a part of this all.

I found all of these old pictures of Kent in uniform.  It's pretty normal for us to see him this way- so we don't take many pictures!  But, I love all of these!

Kent in San Antonio working at the hospitals there for a few weeks.
Metta checking out the uniform.  Can you believe that's Metta?  she just doesn't look like Metta without those red pigtails.
 This is med school graduation day- the day he made rank of Captain!
 With his parents!
 The first time he'd left us for military training!  it was only six weeks- but felt much longer!
 Mess Dress.  This outfit costs a few HUNDRED dollars!  luckily we borrowed this one.  And hopefully we'll never need to buy one!
 Kent and his little cows.

Thank you, Kent!  and thank you to all those who have served and are serving.